• Mark your trail to your camp or aquired game
  • Highly visible

***  Please check local laws and laws of the country you are hunting in for legality of night hunting, It is illegal to hunt before sunrise and after sunset in Canada  ***



Green "APALS" 10 Pack

APALS -All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips

  • Use this to mark trails to camp or to aquired game
  • Mark your territory  for safety from trips and  falls 
  • Be visible to other hunters at dawn or dusk for safety 
  • Light not visible to most game
  • 10 pack conveniently fits into your cargo pant pocket or backpack
  • 10 pack weights 45.4g(1.6oz)
  • Visible up to 3.2km(2 miles) on land
  • Run time: 200 hours
  • Waterproof  to 60.9m(200 Ft)


APALS - Colours


  • Visible up to 3.2km(2miles)  on land, 4.8km(3miles) from the air.
  • Run time up to 200 hours
  • Modes: Fast Strobe/Slow Strobe/Steady On/Off
  • Heavy Duty 3M® Adhesive Back Tape
  • Easy Pull Tab
  • Waterproof, Dust proof & Shockproof
  • Available Colours: Amber, Blue, White, Red, Green


10 Pack - Comes in Patent Pending Flkexible Crush Proof Packaging.

  •  Prevnets Accidental Activation
  • May Prevent Personal Injury in the Event of a Fall

Each APALS Comes With EASY PULL TAB - Heavy Duty 3M Adhesive Back Holds Tight to any Surface  

(3M is a registered trademark of 3M corporation)




Brite-Blade™ TLSK is one the finest survival knives available and  is perfect for everyone from public safety, marine, camping, hunting,  pilots or anyone that might find themselves in a wilderness survival  situation. 



With built in Fire starter included.

Brite-Blade™ In Closed Position





 The hollow ground blade is hand finished to a razor sharp edge. Spring  Assisted Opening is best in class. Your Brite-Blade™ TLSK is one the  finest survival knives available and is perfect for everyone from public  safety, marine, camping, hunting, pilots or anyone that might find  themselves in a wilderness survival situation. Your Brite-Blade™ TLSK  survival knife has the following: 45 lumen mini-aluminum LED white light  flashlight has a rare earth magnetic base that secures it inside the  body. The light can be quickly removed from the body of the knife and  operated independently. The rare earth magnetic base allows the light to  be mounted on the blade for a 90 degree light. A second aluminum mini  flashlight with red LED is included. Both LED mini flashlights are  waterproof IXP-6. 



Body Material: MIL Spec 6061 aluminum with hard anodized finish
Blade Type: combo edge serrated
Blade Material : 440c stainless steel with proprietary titanium coating
Closed length: 12.9cm (5.1”)
Blade length: 8.9cm (3.5”); Thickness: 3.18mm (1/8”) back
Overall length: 21.8cm (8.6”)
Weight: 150g (5.35 oz)
Overall Width: 3.7cm (1.45”)
Overall Thickness (body): 9.5mm (3/8”)

• Emergency Carbide Window Punch
• Seat Belt Cutter/Wire Stripper/Line Cutter
• Fire Starter striking tool/Edge Deburring tool
• Positive line lock
• Dual thumb posts and clip holes drilled on other side
• Extra clip included

Inter-changeable Mini Flashlight

Brite-Blade includes 2 Mini flashlights with rare earth magnets allow quick and easy use of the light without the knife as it can be quickly and easily removed for hand use or changing to red led.