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The Benefits of:

Onyfix Nail Curve Correction

  •   Innovative & Pain-free treat
  • Rapid pain alleviation
  • Corrects the nail through physiological nail growth
  • Effective without exerting force on the nail
  • Individually adaptable 
  • Efficacy confirmed by medical studies
  • Suitable for people with diabetes
  • Nail polish can still be used
  • FDA & Health Canada cleared
  • Class 1 Medical Device

Onyfix Online Certification Workshop Dates

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Onyfix Advantages

 Due to the Global COVID-19 Pandemic we are now offering Onyfix Certification Workshops online.  Onyfix Nail Correction System:

  • Helps relieve painful, ingrown & involuted toenails
  • Helps relieve pincer nails
  • Can correct or relieve cracked nails from cracking further
  • May help detached nail plate (onycholysis),  reattach to nail bed

  Onyfix is:

  • Evidence Based
  • Innovative
  • Non-invasive
  • Pain free
  • Provides Nail Correction
  • Effective
  • Quick & Easy to apply (once trained)
  • Safe on people with Diabetes
  • Safe on people with blood circulation problems of the lower limb eg.: peripheral vascular disease (PVD) & peripheral arterial disease (PAD)
  • Class I Medical Device 

Certification Workshops Are Available

Please Download Your Registration, fill it out, save it and email it back to us at info@fiser.ca

United States

If you live in the United States please Download this PDF fill it out, save it and email to info@fiser.ca


If you live in Canada please Download this PDF fill it out, save it and email to info@fiser.ca

Other Countries

You may register for this workshop if you are from outside of North America.  Please note that the workshop will be conducted in English, and Onyfix must be registered for use by the regulating body within you country. (eg. for the US it is the FDA) 

Payment and Purchase of Onyfix Starter Kit

Please pay for your Onyfix Certification Workshop here!

You may also wish to purchase an Onyfix Starter Kit(s) at this time.  Onyfix Starter Kits are available at a 20% discount when purchased with the Certification Workshop or Purchased day of the Workshop.


A brief explanation of how Onyfix works physiologically.

An evidence based, proven effective pain free, nail correction device.